Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting curriculum prepares multi-skilled health care professionals qualified to perform administrative, clinical and laboratory procedures.

Course work includes instruction in scheduling appointments, coding and processing insurance accounts, billing, collections, computer operations; assisting with examinations/treatments, performing routine laboratory procedures, electrocardiography, supervised medication administration; and ethical/legal issues associated with patient care.

Graduates of a CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting program may be eligible to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants’ Certification Examination to become Certified Medical Assistants. Employment opportunities include physicians’ offices, health maintenance organizations, health departments, and hospitals.

A goal of the Medical Assisting A.A.S. program is to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

Fall Medical Assisting students must turn in all materials by February 15 for early admission, and by August 1 for final admission.

The Medical Assisting Curriculum is designed to follow a continuous flow of learning, with skills building upon each course in progression. All courses required in the medical assisting program must be taken in the sequence outlined in the curriculum. Students may not take medical assisting courses out of sequence, and must comply with all departmental policies. General Education courses may be taken prior to enrollment in the medical assisting program.

A medical assisting student prohibited from participating in a clinical agency will be dismissed from the medical assisting program due to their inability to progress.

Note: This is a selective admission program. Please see the Enrollment Information section for admission requirements.

Surry Community College Medical Assisting Program Outcomes as reported to the Medical Assisting Education Review Board 2019 Annual Report:

The medical assisting program at Surry Community College has a job placement rate of 94% for the 2018 graduates. The program has a retention rate of 100% for the admission cohort that entered in 2018, and there are a number of support services available to students so they can successfully complete the program. In 2017 the exam passage rate for graduates was 100%.

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Semester Course Course Name LEC LAB CLN CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA


Semester Course Course Name LEC LAB CLN CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA
Fall Fall
BIO 163 Basic Anatomy and Physiology 4 2 0 5
MED 110 Orientation to Med Assist 1 0 0 1
MED 121 Medical Terminology I 3 0 0 3
Spring Spring
MED 122 Medical Terminology II 3 0 0 3
OST 131 Keyboarding 1 2 0 2
CIS 110 Intro to Computers 2 2 0 3

CEU Classes

Additional Classes


Learning Outcomes

  • Be prepared as competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral communication formats using appropriate medical terminology.
  • Effectively apply diagnostic and clerical procedures such as vitals, lab testing, basic anatomy and physiology, and triage in a medical environment.
  • Apply safe and professional procedures with Asepsis control in a medical environment.
  • Exhibit an understanding of ethical, legal, and professional rules of conduct required by CAAHEP.

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Program Contact(s)

Carol Roberts
Director - Medical Assisting
(336) 386-3390

Dr. Yvonne Johnson
Associate Dean - Health Sciences
(336) 386-3368

Program Spotlight

Program Facts

$14.86 average salary per hour.

$30,910 average salary per year.

Sources for salary information obtained from O*NET. Salaries may vary for reasons including but not limited to years of experience, place of employment, and specific occupations within each industry.