Horticulture Technology

Horticulture Technology Certificate

Horticulture Technology

The Sustainable Horticulture certificate program encompasses the study and practical application of foundational horticultural principles. The certificate consists of understanding, recognizing and applying sustainable production practices; identifying and selecting plant materials; comprehending and analyzing proper plant growth and soil conditions; and implementing an efficient integrated pest management program for a number of production systems. The certificate is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, experience, and attitudes that are necessary for independent, critical thinking essential to success in this field.

The certificate is especially useful for those interested in broadening their professional skills and/or base of knowledge and for those interested in pursuing career development in local horticultural industries.


Course Course Name LEC LAB CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA


Course Course Name LEC LAB CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA


Course Course Name LEC LAB CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA
Fall Fall
AGR 139 Intro to Sustainable Ag 3 0 0 3
HOR 166 Soil and Fertilizers 2 2 0 3
HOR 162 Applied Plant Science 2 2 0 3
Spring Spring
HOR 142 Fruit and Veg Product 1 2 0 2
HOR 164 Hort Pest Mgt 2 2 0 3
HOR 160 Plant Materials I 2 2 0 3

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and select appropriate plants for varied locations, apply proper planting techniques, and control pests and weeds.
  • Illustrate the use of management and supervisory skills needed in the field such as bidding and pricing jobs and managing greenhouses.
  • Effectively communicate about their field in both written and oral formats.
  • Commercially propagate bedding and landscape plants and evaluate plant material for marketability in this area.

Estimated Cost

Certificate In-State Out-of-State
Tuition and Fees $1,382.25 $4,646.25
Books and Supplies $511.50 $511.50
Total Cost $1,893.75 $5,157.75

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Program Spotlight

Program Contact(s)

Jeff Jones
Division Chair - Sciences
(336) 386-3391

Ashley Myers Morrison
Dean of Arts and Sciences
(336) 386-3510

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